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E&P Trimwork, Inc. provides builders and homeowners with quality fabrication and installation of interior trim, custom built-in cabinets and fireplace mantles. So if you're considering building, remodeling or just adding moulding to a room, give us an opportunity to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Call today and create your own sensational interior!

What We Do

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What We've Made

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Custom Mouldings: Make an Average Room Sensational
  • Want a home makeover on a small budget? Ready for a big change that screams “I’ve made a home renovation!”? Mouldings can help you add style, comfort and value to almost any room in your home, and the most appealing characteristic of crown mouldings is that they can help draw attention to your home’s architectural aspects.

While it is more affordable to use pre-milled moulding, custom milled mouldings are also available, though they will cost more. That said, there are very strong reasons for investing in mouldings, especially if you are on a limited budget:

  • What can Mouldings do?
    • Demonstrate that you take pride in your home, that you pay attention to the details and that you want your home to be a showplace.
    • Can help substantially boost your home’s value if you are looking to put it on the market any time soon (or in the future). Additionally the cost versus the boost in value is relatively small in comparison to the ROI.
    • Help create a cozy, more comfortable living environment, so that you feel happy when you’re relaxing at home!
    • Are easy to install—a qualified installer can create a whole new look for you in just a few hours/days (depending on how large the job is). This way you won’t have to be without your kitchen or bathroom throughout the length of the renovation, which is a common drawback about starting a home project. 
  • As with any home improvement, you’re likely to get the best results by working with a reputable trim and moulding installation company. A good trim or moulding installer will be able to tell you exactly what you can expect in terms of the project’s length and cost and will also have a list of readily available references and proof of insurance. With over 25 years of installing hand-crafted interior moulding solutions, E&P Trimwork, Inc. is sure to offer a solution for you that is well-within a reasonable budget!
Interior Door Hardware: Put the Finishing Touches on Your Home
  • On the surface, interior door hardware is not an interesting topic to discuss. In fact, most people don’t give much thought to interior door hardware at all. But when a homeowner has taken substantial time to choose door knobs and hinges that particularly suit the home’s décor and style, you can immediately tell. That’s because homes with an overall “put together” look immediately scream “high end” and “luxury.” And interior door hardware can go a long way in helping a homeowner really put the finishing touches on his/her home.
  • There are endless choices in the interior door hardware business. Handles, levers and knobs are available in a wide variety of styles, including Gothic, French Country, Medieval, Tudor, Southwestern, Victorian, Colonial, Cottage, Georgian and Shaker—to name only a handful! Different textured handles and knobs, like hand painted and hammered texture, are also available.
  • Perhaps the best news for homeowners is that interior door hardware is very affordable. You can find selections from just a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending on how expensive your tastes. If you are unsure of how well a particular door knob or handle will work in your home, but you love it, try it first on an out-of-the-way door, like one on a secondary bedroom closet or on the entrance door to your garage or basement. This way, you can try out something new without it necessarily being in a main area (at least not until you’re certain you love it!). You can also use interior design books and magazines and Web sites as a guide for choosing your interior door hardware. There truly are endless options, so keeping an open mind and looking at different examples of interior door hardware inside various homes is one of the best ways to get ideas. Plus, you’ll likely see options for interior door hardware you never even considered before…and one of those styles may just be what puts the finishing touches on your home!
Going Green: In Your Home
  • Are you carrying your own reusable bags to and from the grocery store? Are you diligently sorting your paper from your plastic every recycling day? If you answered “yes” to either questions, odds are you’re eco-friendly. Many folks want to know how they can make their homes more eco-friendly as many people are becoming more aware of how their behavior affects the environment. While some green measures can be pricey, many are actually very affordable. 
  • If you want to live green, consider:
    • Avoiding the use of endangered timber species when remodeling or adding onto your home. Instead, when building or remodeling, use recycled or reclaimed wood whenever possible.
    • Using natural building materials to insulate and drywall your home. (But be aware that many of these building materials are more costly up front than standard insulation and drywall. Your savings come in the long term). 
    • Investing in energy efficient windows that help temperatures stay more consistent throughout your home. (Do you have one room that is consistently chilly while another is a sauna? Then energy efficient windows—or an HVAC—system may help).
    • Talking to your HVAC contractor, especially if you are experiencing a situation like the one listed above where one room is cold while the other is too hot. There are a number of energy efficient HVAC solutions that can help curb your heating and cooling costs and make your home more comfortable in the process.
    • Inspecting your home for mold and mildew. If you find either of these, you should speak with your HVAC contractor at once. Air-quality can be immensely improved with green building solutions.
    • Purchasing Energy Star washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators. Appliances use a great deal of energy, so making sure that your appliances are energy efficient is a tremendous first step in the living green movement.
    • Using environmentally friendly materials in your home decorating; whenever you can recycle or reuse materials, you’re doing a favor to the environment. For example, if you don’t want an old dresser, perhaps donate it so that someone else might be able to refinish it and use it again (thus, keeping it out of a landfill!).
Energy Star Benefits: Green Remodeling
  • Those of us in the home building, home remodeling and home repair industry are very familiar with the popularity of green building and remodeling. In the last few years, green building has become a very hot trend (and one that seems as though it may actually transition from trend to legacy). That being the case, the demand for green building materials and green remodeling ideas has increased tenfold from even five years ago. As a result, Energy Star homes are rising in popularity.
  • If you’re not familiar with Energy Star, here’s what it means:
    • Energy Star homes have been built (and recognized by government standards) as utilizing the most energy efficient construction methods. Because of energy efficient construction, Energy Star homes also offer better insulation, which minimizes drafts in the winter, heat retention in the summer and noise levels year round. Indoor air quality is also highly improved.
    • Energy Star homes, while certainly a little more expensive during the construction phase, are much less costly to maintain over the long term. Additionally, heating, cooling and utility costs on the whole tend to be several hundred dollars less annually than in a traditional, non-Energy Star home. Over time, several hundred dollars becomes several thousand dollars, and suddenly, the savings don’t seem so small.
    • Energy Star homes are more attractive to potential home buyers, who are concerned with both the environment and living costs.
    • Energy Star homes are designed and constructed with the environment in mind. Energy Star homes seek to cause minimal damages to the environment (and in doing so, also minimize your home-ownership costs in the long run).
    • If you would like more detailed information on how Energy Star ratings are earned, please visit www.energystar.gov.

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